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Khizer Awan

Mobile App & Unity Game Developer



Hello there, I am Mobile App, Game Developer and an absolute code lover. My skills Also include
* Designing (Photoshop CC 2017)
* Wordpress Website Development
* Basic Backend Scripts Using PHP.
Very Motivated, Sincere and committed attitude towards work. I Follow a never give up approach to given task. Besides programming I cherish Designing, Gaming & Brainstorming.
PS: I'll be happy to respond to any queries.

Warm Regards,
Khizer Awan

Whether you're A Company Looking to hire a Passionate Developer (Phyiscally/Remotely),
A Professional starting your own startup,
A Company looking to outsource work,
A graphic artist looking for a developer to give your artwork a life or
A student looking to get your Assigments/Work Done.
Or Even A Businessman looking to invest in an idea.
Hiring me would be the best option i would say :)

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